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Atlantic Reef supports AtlanticSoft Strategic Talent Pipeline

Since 2009, at AtlanticSoft we have been helping companies have established teams, and while the teams evolved and changed over time, we were always able to continue providing value and growth. We achieved this by always including junior talent.

Atlantic Reef is a result of our cumulative experience of working with technical talent on different stages. Our own ecosystem of dedicated companies/business lines focused on different stages of the talent lifecycle with the intent of assisting businesses not have to go and battle on the ferocious job market for application development expertise, but to take action as quickly as possible to have a steady growing talent pipeline.

We initially think that by teaching coding, we can make a significant difference in people's lives in disadvantaged minorities, while also helping to alleviate the talent bubble by bringing in fresh talent who would not otherwise be interested in this field. We do this as part of a non-profit organization called Cognitus.org, which focuses on helping young people in underrepresented communities start a career in the tech industry, whether is with us or with other companies.

We identify outstanding, devoted, and committed individuals due to this approach, and they are eager to develop with the organization.

Our talent accelerator, Speedup Tech , seeks to deliver a real-world experience to our Cognitus grads, as well as other entry-level engineers from boot camps, colleges, and self-taught developers by working on real projects, while coaching our interns on best industry practices and the day-to-day realities of developing real software.

On top of this foundation, AtlanticSoft creates mixed teams of seniors, semi-seniors, juniors, and trainees. We build cost-effective groups with proper leadership but with skilled junior developers who will give the additional capability to the company every day and who will one day be the senior team member of a company.

When we need to create new teams or reinforce current skills, we supplement our mixed team development process with more traditional recruitment, but we don't rely on recruitment to augment teams; instead, we believe in working together to build capacity through a deliberate talent pipeline.

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